What we expect from the lecturer:

  • Speak in English with teachers (specially English teachers and teachers participating in the Bilingual Section)
  • Correct and help both students and teachers in their use of English
  • Be punctual in class
  • Participate in the academic activities in which your presence is considered convenient
  • Have a possitive attitude of collaboration
  • Have initiative and collaborate actively
  • Communicate with the school board
  • Make an effort to adapt to the methodology used by different teachers
  • Have an open attitude towards Spanish and Extremaduran culture
  • Evaluate the development of the programme throughout the school year and prevent and solve possible problems

Curso 2008/2009

Megan Eyler, Davidson, North Carolina, USA

She studied at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She specialized in Biology

Megan´s Brownie Recipe

Curso 2009/2010


Timmy, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Who is Timmy??

Hi! My name is Timmy. I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am American. I am excited to be in Spain!! I speak English. I will be at your school to help you speak English. I live in Badajoz. I am very happy to be here!! Don´t be shy! Say, “Hi” when you see me.

My favorite things…

My favorite TV show is “Sé lo que hicistéis”. My favorite Spanish foods to eat are: tortilla española, churros with hot chocolate, buñuelos y bocadillo de lomo from Fati´s cafeteria. My favorite thing to do on the weekend is go out with friends. My favorite drink is Coca-Cola. My favorite places to go grocery shopping are Mercadona y Carrefour. My favorite sports and activities are tennis, running, swimming, camping and weightlifting. My favorite Spanish song are, “Nadie”, “Manos en el aire”, “Para qué.. para nada”.

Curso 2010/2011

Stephanie Dautel, Clifton Park, New York, USA

Hi! My name is Stephanie. I am very excited to be the Lecturer in Santa Marta. I am from Clifton Park, New York and I am happy to be able to live and work in Spain this year.  When I am not in school I am very busy with a Flamenco class, playing tennis, giving private English classes and seeing my friends in Badajoz. I know this will be a wonderful year!

Stephanie´s blog:  http://stephaniedautel.blogspot.com/

Curso 2011/2012

Emily Meyers

Hello! My name is Emily Meyers. I am very excited to be at your school this year teaching English. We are going to learn a lot together! I studied Spanish and a little Portuguese in college, as well as Latin American history. I love studying languages, culture, and of course history. I studied and lived in Buenos Aires for 6 months, so I am looking forward to building upon my previous Spanish skills! I have worked at a library and love reading as well. I am here to help you learn as much as possible, so please approach me with any questions you might have. Studying English is going to give you so many exciting opportunities!

Curso 2012/2013

Hello! My name is John Watson. I am from Chatham, Canada.  I speak English,
French and Spanish. This is my second time living in Spain. The first time I lived in Spain, I was seventeen years old, and went to the high school in Benicassim, Valencia. I love to travel, so on most weekends I will be visiting some exciting new location. When I´m not travelling, you can find me in Badajoz, teaching English and spending time with my friends. I look forward to a great year here at I.E.S. Sierra la Calera and to many fun learning experiences!